Hello world! A Farmer Without Shovel

What could be one of the most horrendous things happened to a person?

It's when that person's livelihood tool is broken and has no money for repair or a new tool.

Just as I came to end of a phase of my life, I started to pickup more freelancing jobs. I've been doing mostly translation but also online marketing. As I finished one project after another and thrilled about the big movie project that I've obtained, my 4-year-old MacBook Air had decided that she no longer wanted to be in partnership with me.

One fine day, after sipping my morning coffee from the fancy coffee machine my mama had purchased, I sat down and pushed the power button and ready for some work.

Once, I pushed. No response.

I tried it again. Still no response.

I tried pushing it 10,000 other times but what I got close to was a startup sound of the machine then it shut off after 3secs. I panicked and all I could think of what am I going to do with all the work that's due soon. I brought in to Apple Care Center for repair but they told me it would cost me a fortune to fix the motherboard and probably a better idea to purchase a new one. Didn't want to spend a dim on fixing or buying a new tool, I googled, my sidekick googled how we could fix my MacBook our own.

After a bunch of reading from the fabulous world of Google, my sidekick discovered that BAKING the MacBook would be the way to go...