In My Spare Time
  • Do Yoga & Kettle bell exercises
  • Test Paleo Recipes
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  • Attend Toastmasters Meetings

About Me

I am a bilingual freelance translator and marketing strategist that have solid experience in Taiwan, Singapore and USA. In the past 4 years, I've provided my English to Chinese or vice versa translation services to movie production company, bus company, government and other translation agencies. I was involved in translation projects likes movie scripts, government official documents, tea industry marketing material, academic papers, mobile applications and websites.

3 attributes that set me apart from other freelancers are:

1. I Care about You & Your Product
I take time to understand and learn the products, services and even your values in order to provide work that reflects your image

2. Localization Translation
I research and make connection in the local markets to provide effective marketing strategies and translation service that achieve results

3. High-Impact Presentation
I could even help you transform complex data into comprehensible and effective presentations and marketing materials

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